Love two people?

ok, =\ I have a problem.

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost two years and I love him with everything. I have had a horrible past and he kind of pulled me out of that when we started dating. I love him so much but.unfortunately something happened. I got a call from a friend who I haven't seen in four years (big part of my past) and he wanted to see me because he just moved back and we are so close now that it would be easy to see eachother. ok well, I meet him and we talk forever, we have always been great friends and we have EVERYTHING in common so its so easy to talk about things. well, he knows I'm taken but he kissed me and it felt right. its hard to say that because I love my guy so much but, I used to love my friend a lot. but things happened where he was basically taken from me and he was too scared to tell me he loved me and now he tells me he has never felt this way about a girl, and I believe him because I know him very well and he wouldn't lie to me, that's sounds stupid I know but seriously I know he wouldnt. but anyways it went further than a kiss and it felt right at the time but when I see my boyfriend I feel guilty yet, like I love him more than ever and HE is the one I want to be with its just I can't get over my feelings for my friend. =[ it is really complicated.

also.i am a firm believer in the whole, if you don't want to be with them don't be, just don't cheat on them.

and this happens.=[ I feel horrible and I have never cheated in my life and would never dream of it either idk, help?


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  • well I mean your gonna have to tell him. its one of those things that you cannot keep from him. cause the lie will just get bigger and bigger. tell him you screwed up and give him the chance to choose what to do.

    he will pbb will be pissed. but its better than having him find out the hard way.

    and if you loved him that much you will tell him.

  • Personally, I would tell my friend that I love him but that I'm with someone else right now because you don't want to hurt your current boyfriend. At least you know that if you ever broke up with the guy you're with now that there might be someone else to check out - your ex, that is. However, I would try to forgive yourself and just don't do it again, and make sure your friend knows that you are not going to do it again while you are with the guy you're with. I think you just need to forgive yourself and forget it and move on, but make sure that you don't do it again if you really love the guy you're with! That's just my opinion - good luck! :)


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