What is she doing to me, and what should I do?

This girl has a kid and going through a divorce, well when her husband get back from overseas. It wasn't till the past 2 months when she started messing with me. She would play fight with me, and when I stare at her, she would stare back and give me a wink and a smile. Sometimes she will bite her lower lip. I will flirt back but I did not think too much of it.

One day I was considering going to a gym with my friends, and when I told her that. She asked me to start going with her. I was surprised when she done that. So I went and we hung out and talked. But when she cleaned the equipment, she would show me her "stuff." or when she is working out.

When we are at the bar (our hangout) she would play fight with me, and mess with me some, and that includes flirting. We all hang out with the same people, me herself, her brother, and our friend. Our friend is our "go to" guy. She talks with him a lot, she would go to him for advice and such, and as well I.

A month ago, I went to him to see If I should ask her out and he gave me a "U didn't ask her out yet?" so he told me that I need to and so I did. First time she said yes, but she had to cancel due to her child and that is understandable..

After that we hung out on our night and I was playing with her some since she had a few. We played a bit, and then she bit me. As she was leaving I threw a piece of ice at her and she bit me again, but this time she was on me for a good minute, and she left. She also tried to strip my shirt off that night to see the first bite mark.

The next week on our day, we were playing beer pong and she was totaled before we began to play and the she was showing her "stuff" again to me and said that she knows I want to F*** her, and she was smiling the whole time. and she antagonized me the rest of the night, and our friend took her home at the end of the night and he is about to get married soon to.

Thursday night rolls around, and I was hanging with her brother, while she and our friend were at a concert. Next thing I knew we got a call from our friend that she got arrested for a DUI.

Our next day we hung out together, I have asked her out again and she tells me that she does not want to confuse me and that she does not want a relationship, but friendship. But she will go out with me as a friend. I agreed to it. She called me up two days later and tells me that she may need a ride from me on some mornings, and I was like OK, and later that night, she sent me a video text of her tickling her kid. Which I thought it was cute.

Our last hangout day we had as our group, We played around a bit and she beat the s*** out of me. We talked a bit. Then our friend was texting outside and I saw her go out to talk to talk to him. It wasn't long till I had a text from my friend and I had to step out ant text my friend. When I was walking in, I saw her arms around our friend and she did a light kiss on his lips. I was shocked. But they were talking a bit before and after.

Want to add, later that night before she left. I told her that I liked her and she hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek, and said "I love you" as she left.

WTF should I do? She is coming over tomorrow for my party and should I talk to her?
The DUI is very recent, but before, what does she want from me? I have nothing to give her. I don't talk to her during the week, she calls me. If I miss a "workout date" she gets on to me for not going, and when she bites, the marks will last a good month


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  • She sounds like she's bi-polar, dude I think she might need some help. Biting people? Beating the sh*t out of guys, you know what that sounds like? It's like if you were in a relationship with her you'd be dominated, LITERALLY. She's the kind of woman who pulls out a whip in between sex and starts whipping you for her own pleasure. Some guys like being dominated by girls and if your the type of guy that digs that then there you go, other than that she's psycho; pain sounds like something she likes seeing pleasure in other people. Dude, I know this may sound odd but there are women out there in the world that get sexually stimulated by watching others suffer from pain they've caused to the victim, in other words; she gets turned on by causing you pain. Yes she is messing with your head and word of advice, you shouldn't have anything to do with her; she's just using you. Sure there's the whole mother thing but she's using that as an excuse to have you around her finger. She is not looking for a relationship with you, not even FWB; she wants to use you for the things that you have, e.g. your car, what kind of "friend" calls you up to give her a ride after being rejected? She's throwing you a bone to keep you wrapped around her finger, if you don't want to be used; get a straight answer out of her so that you yourself won't keep your hopes up and feel upset if she ends up going out with your friend. Jsut ask her what her deal is


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  • Your the classic nice guy being used. This girl is looking for a babysitter and someone to do things for her like drive her around, hell, she might even marry you but it would be just to use you too. Read the story "lets just be friends" in my profile to see if it hints on the situation you have with her.

    What I would do is completely cut her off from any favors like driving her, I'd still be friendly with her at the party but after the party if she wanted to meet up and hang out I would say "listen, I like you more than a friend so every time we hang out I'm going to be trying to hook up with you, since that's not what you really want I don't think we should hang out anymore, we can still be friendly but I just can't hang out with you"

    This gives her an all or nothing choice and is a confident move, trust me and let me know how it goes since although I know what to do in these situations I rarely get into them anymore :)

    • I have read that, and it is close. Apparently she is going for our "go to" guy, I have noticed that they have been spending a lot of time together, and he called off his marrage after 4 years of being engaged (from what I heard) when they started fooling around. But I have a feeling that won't last, and for some reason I bet she wants me close too... I am glad she did not come to my party. I guess she is trying to avoid me, and I am glad cause I am doing the same to her.

    • Look, I know that your the kind of guy that has probably had some bad experiences with women in the past, but the thing is as you get older, and richer and women get older and uglier, your value increases while theirs decrease, so avoid selling yourself short on a bitch, learn a bit of game and you will find a woman of your dreams

    • Right now, I am trying to avoid relationships, untill I get my life back on track. I do have a couple FWB's and that is about it. But the past month, I have gotten closer to her brother and another one of her friends, at which I am beginning to trust. That is what is going to make this hard, and I have a feeling that she wants to keep me around, which I guess that is why she is trying to avoid this talk we are supposed to have. I will be a friend, and that is as far as will go with it.