What is a good age to start dating?

whether its a group date or one on one, what is the best age to start dating? my little sister keeps telling me she wants to go on a date with her "boyfriend" with no adults but maybe a few of their friends but she's only 12...is that OK or should I tell her to wait a while?

i didn't start dating like alone til I was 14 or 15 but my first group date was 13 and she's getting close. no they have not kissed yet but they don't stop talking to each other. its also the first time either of them have been in a "relationship".


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  • My daughters would tell you I was an ogre. Yeah...perhaps I was sometimes...but they are both married to great guys now, and I have retired the shotgun.

    12 is WAY to young to fly solo if it's more than going to lunch, or some other daylight date.

    Do you remember when you were 12? How easy would it have been for emotions to cloud your judgement? Ok...how easy for ADDITIONAL emotions lol

    It's your call but that's my opinion.


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  • Yah man let her go out and have some fun, if you tell her to wait a little while she will still see guys but you won't know about it- women are sneaky.

  • Everyone that age is dumb, I was that age not too long ago. Is it just a friend that's a boy or an Actual boyfriend, Like have they kissed etc?

    Anyhow, if she's having real boyfriends early.. That just means that by letting her you're running the risk of her getting fingered at like 13 and having sex not long after. It happens often in todays society...

    • I geuss in some ways he's a real boyfriend and in someways not if thatmakes sense. like they are on the phone with each other constantly and she always talks about him they go to each others lockers everyday beyween classes but they have not kissed or anything like that. to be honest I think she is way in over her head already even without kissing. maybe if they go out during the day time with lots of friends and I'm around but not with them would that be ok? or should I not be there...

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  • Dating is fine, provided that she not do anything risky. Because she is so young, maybe she thinks of a date as just hanging out but if she's a bit more worldly, make sure she knows what she's getting into. It also depends on if you trust her boyfriend to not do anything to her.

    I think it's important for her to know why adults are so apprehensive about young girls dating. Educate her on the risks, what's so great about it, and the emotional involvement that entails. It's extremely easy to get scarred when you're that young so usually it's best to wait a while. I know that's a vague estimate but it differes from person to person, from place to place and peer group to peer group.

    • Wise advice but I think 14 is always too young! At least here in the US.