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Should I lower my own quality to get girls?

Iam stuck in a really weird place atm, i take care of myself a lot, work out, smell nice and look my best when i go out, iam stylish smart and funny, basically i thrive to be a good, decent guy who is not boring and has good qualities, not to mention that iam down to earth and easy to talk to usually dont disrepsect people unless they start, Looks wise iam 6'2 and been told by all kinds of girls to my face and behind my back that iam very good looking, even few girls used the word gorgeous (iam far from narcissistic though and i admit that i have self esteem issues but i dont show anyone) .

My problem is that... how do i put it, girls do not want to date me, they are happy talking to me, giving me unlimited looks, stares and attention but date me? no, in fact they ghost on me when i even get close to mentioning relationships, female friends and male ones compliment me often and say i have no idea how much girls like me and that guys like me are not common and any girl is lucky to have me... except girls dont seem to want me, and after a lot of research i came to the conclusion that girls simply find me too nice to be true therefore fake or think iam a player... or just flat out refuse to date someone who gets a lot of attention from women, iam sorry if i sound narcissistic but i am very loyal and overall a good guy, no one is prefect but my ex said i was a great boyfriend all over.
Should I lower my own quality to get girls?
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