How often should I call her if we just started seeing each other?

OK, so there's this dance club I go to quite regularly & one night a about a year ago, I meet a beautiful young lady and we danced for a bit and that was it. I never pursued anything that first night and just let it be. I was sure I would see her again at that club. Well months have past, I never really tried looking for her and kind of forgot about her as I DO meet a lot of beautiful ladies whenever I go out. Anyways, about the past couple of months, I've been going to this club a lot and I've bumped into her about 4-5 times, still not getting her number or pursuing anything.Finally, 3 weeks ago, on a Thur. I see her again at the club, this time I got her phone number. I waited till Thur of the following week and texted her "What you up to?" She says "I'm broke for the time being, just gonna stay home". I didn't think much of it and just left her alone, then the following Saturday I texted her at 9 at night (probably too late to ask her out) and asked what she was doing tonight? No response. I didn't let this bring me down, I'm sure she gotta lot going on. I mean, she is a 30 year old, mature, responsible, woman and she's probably really busy. Well, the next day, Sunday, she texts me, "sorry, I fell asleep early last night, was really tired. didn't get ur text till now. what you upxto?" then we sorta texted each other back and forth throughout the day, and finally she asked me "you wanna go dancing on thursday?" wow did that put a big smile on my face, "totally". so 4 days past, thursday. we meet, have a GREAT TIME. she's a great dancer and I love to dance too and we connected so well. she's always loved the way I dance she said to me. well that night, she drives me home since I was too drunk to drive my car and she comes in my house w/o me even having to ask. she basically says "i have to pee" and I had no choice but to let her in. we got in, I dimmed the lights, kinda set the mood and sat on my bed, I sat next to her, and basically we hit off 1st base, then 2nd. as I got down to kissing her stomach, she says "u caught me at a bad time (giggle) right now wouldn't be so great" yes, she was on her damm rag. perfect timing huh? anyways, we still kept making out and sucking each other's necks and she put her hand down my pants and kinda stroked me a little bit. I didn't wanna make her go down because I wanted to take it slowly. well, we continued kissing & after about a couple of hours, she decided to go. I let it be and kept it. I walked her out to her car and gave her a kiss before closing her door. later that night she texted me goodnight. the next day I texted her and we texted back & forth, this was going on till about sunday. then, kinda left her alone after. I know that I don't wanna seem like a clingy, needy guy but I like her a lot and want to call her often. I called on tuesday and she didn't pick up. I don't wanna suffocate her with calls. how often should I call? she says, "we gotta hang out soon" in one of her texts. how soon is SOON? help!

OK,3 weeks pass since I last saw her.last wed I txt her hello,she responds & asks me to go dancin again on thur. I was so happy. so we went out dancin again but I don't know if I made this mistake: I told her that I have feelings for that too soon?
Also,since she asked me to go dancin,does this put me in the "friend zone"?she already told me she likes me & we already kissed, but the 2nd night we went out, we weren't as affectionate/touchy as the first date. you think she just wants to take it slow?


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  • ohk well I don't no but I loveeee getting phone calls and text messages from a guy I like. it makes my day don't be afraid to text her or call her I mean calling her like 5 times a day is bad. call her in the morning and just see what she is up to. if she doesnt have plans make them or drop a text saying what are you doing today I learned that guys don't like making plans with girls but it won't hurt you at all cause girls don't like it at all. id text her or call her like 3 times a week doesnt seem tooo pushy but shows ur interested.


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