Cutting off communication with a guy for leading me on?

There's this guy that I was friends with who was always flirting with me and laying it on thick - ie. telling me that I'm good looking, funny, adorable, cute, interesting, how endearing I acted, etc. I started to like him and whenever we'd hang out with mutual friends, he would always focus his attention solely on me. One time we ended up in bed together (just talking) when I had people over, and when he came into my room (I was lying down because I'd had a bit too much to drink) he closed the door and turned off the lights. We just talked (I'm nervous around guys that I like and don't make any moves).

Okay, not long after that, I told him that I liked him and he said that he didn't want to send me mixed signals and that he hadn't mourned his previous relationship yet. And I don't think that he ever would have told me that had I not been upfront with how I felt.

On top of everything, my mother was very seriously ill at the time and (I feel lame saying this), but he and the time we spent together was a bright spot in my life. He knew how upset and utterly depressed I'd been over my mother's health. I was understandably very confused and upset by his behavior, because I really did think that he and I would eventually date. I think most people would probably think the same thing if someone behaved that way toward them.

I never told him how hurt that I was, and after a while I stopped liking him romantically, but I did enjoy hanging out with him with friends once or twice a month. But I could never really forgive him for what he did because of how selfish and awful I thought it had been to do that to me at such a sh*tty point in my life.

Now, my question is this: if you were in my position, would you end the friendship? I recently did that and I'm wondering if other people would have done the same thing. I feel I have made the right decision, but I'm also a sensitive person. I just want to know what other people think.


I should note that I say selfish because after the fact I sort of felt like he had only been giving me attention in order to get attention.
I really wish people would give me feedback. :-/


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  • you were correct if you were going one way and he went the point getting hurt later


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