Why would a girl date me but not be wanting anything more?

I started dating this girl a few months ago. I found out recently she started dating me 4 days after her and her Boyfriend of almost 2 years broke up. I figured at that point oh I was just a rebound get over it and move on. But then she up and says "I didn't do anything more then we have cause I didn't want you to fell like a rebound. I really do like and when I am ready for a serious relationship, I want it to be with you." Now I am all confused... Can anyone help?


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  • You may be ready for a serious relationship but SHE ISN"T and you know why she isn't. This is not a surprise to you. 2 years is a long time - she needs time to grieve and move on. But it's easier to jump into another relationship for her to feel validated and loved - to let her know she's still lovable. I'd go REALLY SLOW with this one, Sweetie... Don't force her into anything more than a friendship because she can't handle it for reasons already stated. If you really like her - you will back off and work on building a foundation of trust/honesty/respect/kindness.. BUT if you are more focused on the RELATIONSHIP and don't care who it's with... then I say move on and find another girl. Your focus should be the GIRL - and not just having someone to call your girlfriend. They say the best marriages were the ones where you married your best friend! Work on being a friend... built that trust that she has lost with that other guy... But if this is too much to ask of you and you don't want to take the time to get to know her -- then you need to cut her loose. You are not confused. She is. She's telling you what you want to hear so you won't leave her. Not a good reason to be with someone. Tell her you'd love to date her - but is she your girflriend? NO...NO... NO... it will end badly if you rush it.



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  • What's there to be confused about? She's clearly told you she likes you and doesn't want it to only be a one-night thing. When girls wait, it's usually a good sign.

    But you're saying this happened a few months ago. What's happened since?


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