Was he going to kiss me?

We were standing by ourselves and I graves him around his waist and he put his hands on my lower back and held me really close to him. I asked him why I don't see him anymore and he said because it's boring .. So he hold me tighter and looks at any and smiles and then my friends calls my name from around the corner and then he let's me go and I go to the end of the street so she can see me and stop yelling. When she sees us she says what were you guys doing ? An he says I was about to kiss her.. My friend totally ruined it for me..

Later I go and sit across from and and his friend and we all start talking his friend leaves and he comes and sits next to me we flirt for a little then he answers his phone and puts his hand on h leg and rubs it while he talking on the phone..( he was rubbing my knee softly and not trying to turn me on or anything). Then we flirt more and when he leaves he gives me a big hug ..

I know that he is interested but when is he gonna kiss me ?


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  • Next time that you are alone. :)


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  • the next time he gets alone time with you.

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