Do girls get annoyed when you text them?

Do girls ever get annoyed if you text them "Hi" or anything like that everyday or every second day?

P.S What does it mean if you usually text a girl Hello but she never does


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  • Lol, I use to have a guy call me every 5 minutes then text me every 5 secounds, yes it got annoying

    but if the girl likes you she might not care some think its cute , some think its insanity? It just depends on the status your at with the girl.. good luck Oh and if she never texts back, its cause she's probably not interested or her phone is off..

  • It depends on a million things. It may be annoying, it might not, she may not be interested, she may just be shy... what's your situation?

    • Well.There's this girl I like. Weve hung out a few times, and were pretty good friends, and I text her every day or every second day. She's only texted me first a few times. Once or twice when we were in the middle of a conversation and she didn't text back. So I started to think if she was getting annoyed

    • She might be annoyed, but you might just be reading too much into it. There are still lots of possibilities. Best thing to do is to communicate face to face and figure out if she actually likes you.

    • Thanks!

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