Why ask? Mainly for people under 18?

Well I've been through this in my past relationships, but a few of my friends are going through it now.

Have you ever had someone you're dating tell you that he/she wants to marry you? How does it make you feel? What do you say to the person?

I said mainly for people under 18 because I don't really think a lot of them are interested in getting married anytime soon. -.-


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  • Me and my boyfriend started talking about marriage when I was fifteen, so he would have been eighteen. We had probably been together about a year then. I got my engagement ring when I was sixteen, and were getting married soon! A lot of people think that high school relationships never last. That always p*ssed me off when people told me that because I knew they were wrong. And guess what? They were lol! You know when somethings meant to be and when it's not meant to be,even if you are only still in highschool.

    • I feel like if I start forming my own opinion on high school relationships, it's going to be influenced by what almost everyone around me says, which is that it's not going to work out. As of now, I don't want to have an opinion until I know how it feels like to have a relationship that's meant to be. =o

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  • my ex asked me to marry him when we were14-15-16 (we were together for 3 years) and I just said to him you've got to ask my dad lol and I was actually just kidding about that but he did and my dad said no loool (I knew my dad would never say yes to that dude anyway, and so thankful for that :D) lol

  • I've actually thought about marriage in high school quite often.

    Marriage to me, is just having the faith to believe in "forever." If I found someone like that, I wouldn't mind getting married in high school. Age is but a number like they say.

    And I feel like when you're younger, you're rush and willing to do things out of the ordinary while when you're older, you have so much doubts. That's just the way I feel about it. So I just feel that getting married while younger doesn't sound as bad as people say.

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