It doesn't matter that he doesn't always contact me, does it?

Just because you don't text a girl constantly, or leave her comments on a social networking site everyday, does it mean you don't like her?

A guy who I've been "seeing" (It's a long story, but I've been told he likes me via mutual friends, and I like him) still IM's me every time he catches me online, and he asks me to parties and other outings, but the fact that he doesn't text me often or leave me comments/emails doesn't mean anything, does it?


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  • He may just not be a texter. I texted a girl I liked a lot at first, then she was somewhat annoyed. So I just stopped texting her completely. I still liked her, just talked to her at school and stuff. Then her best friend asked me why I didn't text *her name* anymore. It wasn't because I didn't like her, I did, but I just didn't.

    If he's asking you to parties and stuff, I don't think it means anything that he doesn't text you. Some of my ex girlfriends rarely texted me, but I knew they really liked me.


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  • Of course it doesn't mean anything, it's just the internet.

    If he's inviting you places and he always IM's you, he's obviously interested and wants

    to talk and hang out with you.

    IMing is a way better way of having a conversation than Myspace or Facebook.

  • He probably prefers being able to get a response from you right away, instead of waiting for you to check your myspace page or email.