Trying to understand men and dating..Seeking advice

This man I was dating casually for about a month has suddenly stopped contact. Our last date was last Sat over a wk ago. After our lunch date he told me to text him if I was around later that night. I orig. had plans but my friend canceled. So I texted him later in the night that if he felt like hanging out to let me know. But he never responded and haven't heard from him since. Things seemed fine, he had been texting me daily the wk before while he was away. I haven't reached out again because I fear I'll seem needy or maybe he just wanted some space. Men have you ever done this. disappeared.for awhile but then returned. Did I somehow scare him away? I never mentioned being serious or anything like that..everything was laid back, no pressure.


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  • When you say dating casually, are you well-informed about his life?

    Why I ask is that he could be busy working. Considering your age, I would assume it is work that would pull him one side.

    I don't think you scared him off. No worries, think positive. When people think that they are the cause, they assume and things are actually the opposite of what they thought.

    "I haven't reached out again because I fear I'll seem needy or maybe he just wanted some space."

    How about we rephrase this to:

    "I should reach out again because I fear I'll lose him or make him think that I don't like him."

    A single act such as getting a message across one more time doesn't define you as needy or desperate. It shows concern.

    I suggest taking things slowly and if you still feel uncertain, maybe you want to talk about it to him?

    What have you got to lose?

    If everything is fine, it should be fine. Throw some faith in that relationship!


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  • take it slow. learn more about this guy. guys yes have a life or they're busy but make sure he's single and not with another girl. it can't hurt to find out by making friends with his friends and proceeding with caution.

    it's not unusual that perhaps he forgot to contact or his phone died or whatever.

  • The Golden Rule: Guys are not hard to read. They are usually straightforward and you can tell what they want right away. If you don't know what a man is thinking, chances are, he doesn't either.

    don't pressure him, just wait for him to sort his thoughts and feelings out. If you hear from him, great. If you don't, then he's made a decision and it's not in your favor, move on.

  • Don't bother. Pretend he doesn't exist. Guys prefer disappearing than telling a woman they're not into her. He might've liked you in the beginning, but he's no longer interested. I'm guessing you developped a little crush on him. Let it go and let him go. I'm sure there are other guys out there who have crushes on you ;)

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