How honest is TOO honest in relationships (Specifically Physical)?

Inspired by good ol' G@G, an anonymous user here had an issue with her man complimenting her but admitting she wasn't the "prettiest girl on the planet" when he was pushed on the issue. This was followed by a barrage of compliments but the asker clung to this statement and was really hurt by it. I kinda get it, but I also kinda think it's dramatic.

But I noticed this is a trend. People in relationships (hate to admit it, but it's mostly women) almost seem to have a total aversion to their partner acknowledging or pointing out their flaws. Whether it be as simple as encouraging them to work out or by offering suggestions such as hair cuts or the like. Some people have the opinion of "just accept me the way I am if you love me" while other people are more open to it.

So my question is... when it comes to the physical aspect of your relationship, say: if your partner gains weight, changes their hair, stops taking care of themselves, or simply asks for your HONEST opinion on how they look, how honest do you want someone to be/how honest would you be?
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I know there'll be a lot of people who say "there is no such thing as too honest." Challenge: what if your opinion is rather HARSH, and you're aware that it'll likely damage your partner and your relationship (possibly permanently) if you aren't at least tactful about what you say?

Would you try to word it in a more effect way or just default to brutal honesty no matter how harmful?
How honest is TOO honest in relationships (Specifically Physical)?
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