My ex girlfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks ago, but continues to call me...

We had been trying to do the long distance thing, but after a year and a half, she said she was still unsure about whether or not we would end up together... we tried to continue the relationship to see if the feeling would subside, but she said she was not anymore sure than she was a few months ago...a couple of weeks ago, she decided it would be better if we went our separate ways. I was pretty broken up about it, and trying to move on. She has, however, been calling me. Should I take this to mean anything? What do you think she's thinking? Thanks for the help/advice.


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  • she's still attached...she wants to go seperate ways but she knows in her heart she'll miss you to much...its an attachment that can't be broken...its build over time..i've grown that attachment to my bestfriend...can't live with out him...we say we won't talk but a few hours later we're's normal..


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