Why doesn't he answer?

recently, I started talking to this guy through text, he goes to my school and was friends with one of my friends I got his number, yeah and we talk every so often. he seems really nice and he flirts with me too. sometimes he won't answer though. am I annoying him?


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  • i am not trying to hurt your feelings on this one but I'm going to be blunt about it.

    he may like you as a person but he may not find you attractive. some guys (like me) tend to be somewhat flirty whenever they talk to girls. however, if he is not attracted to you, he may ignore you sometimes so you don't get the wrong impression.

    im not saying this is correct but if you really like the guy then you should ask him outright and tell him your feelings (probably an all or nothing play where you either both like each other or everything gets really awkward and you can't really be friends) or be happy with whatever relationship he wants to have while the suspense of his true feelings eats you up

    • You didn't hurt my feelings ha ha but if he's ignoring me so I don't get the wrong idea does that mean I'm not annoying him?

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  • Well, if you've laready sent many texts, then just wait for his answers , if he doesn't , don't send anymore messages, let him do the next step. That way, you'll know if he wants friendship or more. He may felt that the situation became a little bit too serious for him, like a level higher than flirting, let him "breath", if he wants you too , he'll contact you ;)

    • Today I only texted him once like "hey(:". he didn't answer even though yesterday we talked like alll dayy. -.-

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    • Well, something comfortable, don't turn into a tamboy XD! But make it a little bit sexy ;)! No too much of course, don't wanna appear as a slut right =)! Guess a little skirt and a cool T-shirt that fits the skirt gonna be perfect =) N good lukc !

    • Okay ha ha thanks alott! and thanks ill need itt(:

  • maybe he is busy, doing something else?

    • Hes at his reletives house far away haha

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    • Lol okay well sweetie, good luck though.

    • Thankss(: