Hey You guys! I'm 25 years old and the guy that im talking to is 26. I meet this guy first time when I was 17. we meet randomly and talked when I was out partying with my girls. After this night i never saw him again, but he added me on facebook and was writing to me throughout the years. But i never answerd properly because i had a boyfriend. Me and my boyfriend broke up early last year. This guys that i meet when i was out with my girls wrote to me again in October 2017 and we have been talking everyday ever since then. He lives in south Europe and I live in north Europe. He tells me that he really likes me and that he wants me to be his forever. He also always call me sends pictures of him, his friends, his friends children and his mother. He has told my a lot about him self that he consider as extreamly"private" The past 3-2 weeks we have been arguing a lot (about me not understanding him because my English is not always the best lol ) and there for we haven't been talking to eachother so much. But 4 days ago we spoke and he told me that he thinks that i should call him more because he feels that it is only him calling me. So there for 3 days ago i decided to call him and we spoke for about 4 to 5 hours. He said that everything was good between us and i told him how I feelt about him, that i am a little bit more interesed. He said that he likes me too he even call me bobo and askes about if other guys are calling me, and telling me that i am his property. When he does this i only answer that who ever calles me is non of his buissnes. Just because i dont want him to think that i am in love with him (which I THINK I AM) Anyway after I called him and spoke to him for 4-5 hoers i see that he puts up videos on snapchat where he is out in a classy resturant eating with another girl. They were eating lobser togheter.. MY QUESTION IS? WHY IS HE DOING THIS? WHY IS HE SAYING THAT HE WANTS TO LOVE ME AND MEET ME, EVEN PAY MY TRIP TO HIM AND THEN DO ALL OF THIS SHIT? IS HE LYING?
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He used to call me and text me everyday. mostly at night time and some times in day time. After i saw his videos on snapchat i decided to delete and block him there and on whatssap beacuse i got so sad. He then wrote to me 10 hours later why he could not get a hold of me on snapchat and whatssap. I just anserd that i deactivated my account. And then he wrote that our texts from before mad him laugh a lot. I dont understand why he is doing al this when he knows how i feel. And he say that our feel
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