Ok. So we kissed & he said he liked me and other things & then he said he did not think it was a good idea--

to start something..but he is not ACTING like that. I also never said o wanted to start anything & I def don't expect to, but he has been coming to se me more then ever now, & anyways we've been hanging out for months now alone & are always alone, I don't see why he has to make a big deal out of what WE ARE and especially since he is ACTING like we are in a relationship.

should I talk t him abut it or what...i usually do not like to raise things but its getting annoying is like he's worried i;'ll think we are in a relationship- but he is more worried I won;t want one.


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  • It depends. Was he in a relationship that ended badly, is he bogged down with work/school/life? It could be that he doesn't feel he can fairly focus ona relationship right now, and just wants to hang onto you because he can't let you go.

    But honestly, I think that he's hanging on right now until something better comes along. I know that's harsh, but think about it - if you were in love or could potentially be in love would you not do anything you can to be with that person? I think men can feel that way as well.

    Of course, real life doesn't have concrete answers - I can say that but I don't know what he's gone through, going through, or what he's really like.

    You're going to have to determine whether or not it's worth investing your heart into this. Maybe there are unseen forces at work here, but I think if you do decide to hope for more, you should do it with a little caution. Which is easier said than done, I know.


    Good luck.

    • Lol thakn you very much for answering in epth.

      Actually I am nlot 'lookig' for a relshp, so its not like I am mising out on something else by spending time, plus I mean we just end up together naturally.

      I do not think he is waiting for somethin else- well I am the only person he's spending time with for about 4 months. & we hang out and he's really atracted to me- extremely.

      I think it is more that he does not want chaos.

      I don't even know what focusing on a relationship means- what does it?

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    • If he's going to get weird about it, that's his problem. That's the great thing about not being in a "relationship", you really don't have to be sensitive to each others feelings. If he gets mad, tell him he's acting too much like the boyfriend he doesn't want to be.

    • Good point.. thank you* :)