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If a girl asks you to hang out with them alone, what do you guys think it means? Do you infer that we're interested or is it a friend thing?


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  • It would depend on the girl and the prior relationship. It could be inferred that it's about "interest" if you and the guy had been doing lots of stuff together in the past. If the guy is someone new, he might think it's just about getting to know each other. Past relationship and interactions will play a role in his thinking.


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  • Usually if a girl takes the initiative to ask a guy to "hang out" by themselves i take it as a sign she wants to get to me better. Girls usually have more friends than guys and aren't looking to add more through just asking random guys out. When a girl i liked asked me to hang out it felt like more than that. Just make sure you show interest wothout seeming like you're easy. Oh if he said yes thats a good thing. I rarely hang out 1 on 1 with women i don't like because it gives off the wrong impression.

  • I won't beat around the bushes...

    If we were just friends, then we will just hang out.

    If you liked me, but I am not interested, I would hang out with you and try my very best to not lead you on...

    But if we were interested in each other, I would be hoping to get some ass, hands down.

    That's me...

    • So if I'm interested in the guy, and he's interested in me, this is a good way to start? See I asked this guy I really like to hang out and he seemed really into the idea, I'm wondering though if he thinks we're just friends, even though that's not what I want.

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