Why do some men cancel the 2nd date?

well I went on this date with this guy. his really nice and nice to me. the first date went great. so we talked and he only calls me when I call him and he will get back with me. but he waits forever to get a hold of me. but he did come out and hang out with me. that wasn't are 2nd date.. he likes to hug me and it looks like he wants to kiss me on the lips but kiss me on the cheek. his done this two time but the 2nd time I turn my head cause I want to take it slow and see where it goes. he told me he couldn't go out cause his band might break up and he hope I didn't get upset by it. that. then I told it was fine no big deal. then he tells me we will do it again another time. and he had to get off the phone cause he had to call his friend back.


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  • I wouldn't call him back.

    Sounds weird. I don't necessarily think the guy is trouble or being devious, but he needs to get his priorities straight before he starts dating.

    • Yea I'm not going to call him back. his just been acting to werid with me. thanks for the help :)

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  • You have just described a guy who is just not that in to you. On a first date, unless the guy is a total jerk, he will be nice regardless of whether he is really hot for you or isn't that interested. It is how he continues to treat you after that shows what he is thinking. He isn't trying to keep contact or communication going on other than a very, very lukewarm level. Ask yourself, don't you deserve more than this? I have been with guys who are not that in to me and guys who are, and the guys who are called me, kept asking for the next date and did not break dates either.

    Move on and open yourself up for someone else.

    • Yea I see what your saying. well the werid part is he told me to call him and if he didn't answer leave a voice mail and I will get back with me. I'm 27 and his 37.. he acts like his into..when he was around for those two days. he acts like he want to touch me and I got a little werid with that. I just met him and I'm just don't liike to go fast. so yesterday that's when he cancel on him. its just to werid...

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    • That is lame, "he's been burned", please. We all go through bad experiences with dating or relationships that make us feel "burned" but some of us get over it and others dwell on it and treat others badly because of it.

    • Yes I agree.. well I told him that his friend is nice. but I want a guy who is into me. he was me to go out next week with him and his wife. so I think its a setup and I'm not going to go. thanks for helping me out of this.:)