Where will you take me for a date and why?

I had these 4 dates before and all of those were done in a restaurant and movie house..I want my next date to be different..If ever we're going to have a date where will you take me and why? :)


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  • Well I would take you to my house where I cook you dinner. And after that, I think we could go for some night rafting down the river, and finish the night with some stargazing.

    Cook dinner because it shows I'm willing to dedicate my time to you

    Rafting because it sounds like you like excitement

    Star gazing because that is romantic, and who doesn't like that? lol

  • Walking in a historic part of town --- if it has street appeal. Reason: you can talk or pretty much remain silent and it wouldn't be awkward. But there'd be enough different sites to stimulate conversation.

    • Um...why don't you take us somewhere and surprise us? :-)

    • Hhhhmmm..it's OK unless you know everything about that historic place..hahaha..anyway we can take pictures there..i'm a picture addict..haha..

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