If you have an opportunity?

Guys/Girls name what (3) things or persons you will twke along when you are going to an island for 2 weeks

mine choice : Girlfriend who has all good qualities/lot of food/ mini boat where we can romance in full moonIf you have an opportunity?


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  • My boyfriend, a box full of books, and lots of water.


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  • Good idea about the girlfriend! I would do the same for one of those.

    2. I would say A F-35

    3. A pilots license

    If I could choose more I would want to stay on the island and live off it with her. Just need some seeds, food, water, a knife, animals, clothes, rope, a few guns, a compass, watch, some books, sat phone, gps, and I think I would be good for quite some time.


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  • Boat, something to drink, petrol for the boat (or whatever the boat runs on) I'd use the boat to get off the island and come home.

    • whats the third option keeping in mind boat has too much fuel to run

    • Cell phone that is garunteed to have single so I can call someone for help.

    • granted all these stuffs get ready your boyfriend and lets go :):):) lol

  • Me, mom, dad

    • what a quick answer I appreciate

      what do u eat all 3 people keeping in mind there is only drinking water on island

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