Advice on an unusual predicament?

Hey, for nearly all my life, I've been pretty straight-laced. However, the other night, I got high (on pot) for the first time. I enjoyed it, and intend to do it again at some future point yet to be determined. However, there is a more complicated side to all of this. I've never been good with women. And now that I smoke weed, even if I do it very rarely, the kinds of women that I tend to find myself attracted to in terms of personality wouldn't want to date me for that reason at least for the most part. What would you suggest I do?


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  • Live your life. The more you smoke and be real with yourself the more you'll learn that just because girls are into that doesn't make them less that the churchy girls morally.

    Seriously, you're a good person right? And your into it right? What makes you think you won't find a good girl with the same ideas?

    And maybe...don't model yourself, shifting and contorting to fit into the box of "attractive" to a specific group. Be you- and find the girl who thinks you're awesome

  • Pot is awesome and my girlfriend knows I do smoke it and she doesn't care. My advice is to just find someone who is cool with it.

    • ^^^^ what he said^^^^ or stop smoking pot. sometimes you need to put your priorities in order and it's your choice.

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