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so I met this guy, on here, and I really like him, I didn't plane on liking him so much. but I sort of made myself a promise not to date or anything like that, just for safety reasons and what not. we'd never meet in real life, he lives across the country, and it seems harmless but then, what happens after that? how does an online relationship even work? and we both have the same view on online relationships- they are stupid, but now I sort of want one with him. so I need view points really, what are the pros and cons of online dating? is it safe? is it worth trying?


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  • Pros of online dating : You have someone you can be open with, someone you can talk to anytime. You can share anything in an online relationship because they no none of your friends or anything about your life until you tell them. Cons of online dating : They could randomly just ignore you and you would never talk to them again. Online relationships are safe and worth trying. There's nothing wrong with them and nothing to lose really, although you may really want this guy in the end, but all you could say would be I wish I was there. An online relationship works by you emailing a guy or a guy emailing you, messaging whatever, all the time, any time, rarely, whatever, it doesn't really matter, just email them like you were texting your real life boyfriend. Hope it works out :)


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  • Well people will tell you anything.

    I used to judge people in online relationships, but you don't know until you've been in one. It's worth a try yes. It's just a option.

  • Wow I feel the same way but I don't like online relationships and always thought " people are so dumb and desperate to do that" but now I find that I'm in the same situation and I'm not sure something like this would really work...long distance ehh it would suck but I agree...its worth a try. good luck! :)

    • Yeah I know right! I'm always like "wow, y don't they just get a real boyfriend?" lolz but I guess I understand now

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