Is there a reasoning to the stereotype about interracial dating...

I was just letting my mind wander today and it occurred to me that there is a stereotype out there that I have no clue as to why it occurs. Before I even introduce it, I am aware stereotypes are NOT rules and there are many exceptions and many times when it doesn't hold. But stereotypes exist because they do happen enough to be noticed frequently. If that's anywhere near a majority of the time, I have no clue.

So anyway, does anyone have any insight (even comedic insight is fine) as to why the trend is that black guys date chubby white girls. It is so common to see chubby or large white girls dating black men while it is much more rare to see a black guy with a fit white girl. I imagine that most of these guys could pull the fit girls easily since its pretty rare for the black guy to be out of shape or unattractive.

Opposite side of the same coin: is there something that women of a slightly larger frame find drives them to black men over white men?

I am seriously attempting to avoid any racist comments in the answers section to PLEASE either be comedic but non offensive, or answer it seriously. I'm honestly curious because its such a weird correlation. Outside of celebrities, I can't remember the last time I saw a fit white girl with a black guy, but I see the stereotype many times a day. I'm sure I have seen the non-stereotype, but it not frequent enough for me to remember any given occurrence. And I definitely have a decently big sample size of observance since I spend most of my days in Harlem.


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  • there are several reasons:

    1. in the black community, curves and thickness are prized. a lot of white guys tend to go gaga over skinny and thin girls. most black guys are into thick and curvy girls. this may get lost in translation with white people because some may think that anyone who isn't "fit" is fat or chubby, when to the black guy, he may see what white people define as "fit" to be too thin and think the chubby girl is curvy and attractive to him.

    2. fat (not "chubby" or curvy, but extremely overweight/obese) white women typically have low self esteem. black men who date women like this capitalize off of women like that. I had a friend, that was a redheaded white girl, she had a pretty face but was easily 60 pounds overweight...she would always date loser black guys that would use her and take advantage of her and disrespect her. guys like this can sense easy targets so they go for girls who are more likely to give them what they want. like this girl would take care of her boyfriend financially, he didn't have a job but she worked and she would pay for him, she moved him into her house rent-free and paid all his bills even though he would cheat on her and lie about it, and verbally (I suspect physically) abuse her. she rationalized putting up with his behavior as "being down for her man" because in the black community, women who are strong and supportive are celebrated. when in actuality, there is a huge difference in being a supportive mate and being an abused doormat.

    3. I've seen quite a few thin white girls with black guys. my neighbor only dates skinny white girls. usually these girls are kind of "white trashy" and like the excitement of dating the stereotypical black guy. so it happens and you will see it, but I think most fit white girls date white guys anyway so you just see it less.

    • Hey I get respectable college white girls. I don't date trashy women and I am mostly attracted to hot blond women. I don't know why I think its genetic diversity that I'm driven to

    • Good point. I wanted to add that it is also socioeconomics that plays a role in what you see. if you are in Harlem you might see lower class type couples (no disrespect intended) but if you go out to college areas and suburbs you see something totally different. when I am in the hood I see the black guys with the fat white girls but in the suburbs I see them with the cute ones. genetic diversity probably plays a role in your attraction as well...i tend to date and attract hispanic guys 4 some reason

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  • i told you I'm brown and I get hot white Scandinavian women. nice booty big o titties flat stomach. they like my color cause I'm a golden brown almost like dark honey. I have dated a "chubby" white girl but she had the best ass I've ever seen in my life I mean wow. what do they like most about me. I couldn't tell you I think many dark men still treat women like women and white men seem to have let feminism take their balls away. just a observation of mine. why would you want to date in your race that's like dating your family.

  • Black guys like fat white women because their whole body feels like one giant tit.

  • im a brown guy and I get swim suit model looking white college girls so I don't know what that means. People do stare they look all funny and if were out sometimes people will hit on them because they don't think were a thing. but sometimes I feel that they only get with me because of the big wang.