So confused? What the hell kind of breakup is this?

My girlfriend and felt like we fell heads over heels from the first moment, instant attraction and chemistry. We dated a month and then broke up and I had a short rebound fling for a couple weeks before getting back together with her. We then moved in together and like any other couple who live together we had a number of short breakups then makeups over the next 14 months. During the course we had re-located to her home country, we were both working overseas at the time when we first met and I mostly work online now and she quit since I was more than able to provide for both of us. I felt like she was really the one and thought she felt the same way. I had some business to take care of and thought I would take the time now to visit my family and talk to them about us getting married so I left planning to come back within about 2 weeks. Not the most romantic but we decided we would get engaged when I get back and everything up to the momet I got on the plane was fine. Day I land back at my family's place I can't reach her phone and try contacting brother-in-law and mother to see what the hell is going on and they didn't really say much except they don't know. 5 days later I find out she's left our home and moved to another country starting a new job, and all I get is a simple text saying "Please stop calling my mother, we are finished and there's nothing to talk about."

I mean really? WTF we were perfectly fine then bam!

Am I just supposed to say "Okay babe good luck with your new job" and walk away?

I decided to give her some space then she calls me one night and then hangs up and when I call her back she picks up then hangs up.

what kind of sick game is this?


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  • I feel your pain... I really can't understand what happened here. Am confused too but I think you deserve an explanation of what is going through her head, why did she all of sudden did this to you. Is not fair to you not to know. If I were you, I would try to talk to her.

  • i don't know all the details but it sounds like a bad case of cold feet...REALLY cold feet


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