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OK well there is this guy that I really like. He is my brothers friend and I am 16 and he is 19. we used to hang out a lot before he graduated from high school. So this summer I have been still texting him but he works A LOT! so I really can't hang out with him anytime. but I really want to. but the only problem that I am afraid of is my brother. he really doesn't like the idea I me hanging out with his friends. but he is just protective of me. should I chance my brother getting mad at me by liking him and hanging out with him or should I just get over him? even tho that will be very hard to do :(


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  • I know this might hurt you but get over him. He is alittle to old for you and of course he is going to be working a lot now becuase he is a adult now and you are not. So find a guy that is not over 18.

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