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So I was 23 and my only social life for the last 4 years has been work, and well there was a girl who was 17, I was 22 at the time, that I developed feelings for, she was always very friendly and charismatic and being a bit of a lone wolf and not having many friends it was only a matter of time before I was crazy about her, even though I thought she was a bit young, a week after she turned 18, I asked her out in a facebook message and she turned me down because of our age difference, I still really cared for her but it didn't make a difference, things were awkward for the next 3 months and we were forced to talk one day and I could tell she was really uncomfortable and I felt bad, so I messaged her again and told her I was sorry and didn't want it to hurt our friendship, she said it was okay but we probably wouldn't ever hangout, the next few times I saw her she was just like her old self just a vibrant and happy as ever and I couldn't help but like her more, one day I find out that she had her grad party by an old work friend who was invited, and I was kinda sad so I got drunk and messaged her on facebook again and told her how great I really thought she was, and id be willing to try anything just to get to know her better and visa versa, she responded a week later telling me that she was flattered but not interested and a few days later she got a new boyfriend, I seriously wanted to die and was depressed for a few weeks, still sorta am, I thought maybe I rubbed off the wrong way and messaged her telling her how I felt about it all, a bit about my past and that I was sorry if I ever offended her, the next day I noticed her brother who I've known on and off for the last 4 years blocked me and today (3 days later) that she blocked me too, it hurts like hell, I'm a good man and not bad looking, I don't think age should have to do with it, but what's done is done, the only tough part now is gonna be working with her for the next few weeks until she leaves for college, after she turned me down before I tried to act like nothing happened and she seemed awkward at first but then loosened up, I'm so hurt now though that I don't really care anymore, I just don't wanna get fired, but I don't want her to walk all over me at the same time, I can't quit because I need the money for rent and bills, what should I do?

PS I've been talking with her cousin on and off, just kinda friendly chit chat, and as far as I know she knows everything, not sure about this message, but she hasn't blocked me, would it be wise for me to bring it up to her or should I try to avoid it?
Id rather not have her block me too..


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  • sounds like you have to wait and let her grow up so she can appreciate a good man.. until then date other women.


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  • Well you say you are a "good man" and now you have to test that out. You really have to just let it go and not bring it up. You have to act like nothing has happened. You won't get fired if you let it go but if you keep brining it up and begging her to forgive you while , you are at work, you could get fired for harrassment.

    While you did not do anything 'wrong" here, it seems you have have come off creepy and stalkerish. Asking a girl out once or twice is OK but then you got to let it go if she is not interested Contacting to say you are sorry and begging for forgiveness is not a good idea. A chick can let it go and proceed with her life, she understands a guy might be interested. But when you can't let it go and become obsessed with her and her forgiveness, you come off bad.

    I was talking to a girl at work who is way too young for me. I was just talking to her to avoid doing work. She emailed me and said she wasn't interested in me. Realizing she got the wrong idea, I just backed off and limited my conversations to just saying hi and being friendly. A few weeks later, she was going out of her way to talk to me. Everything is cool.

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