Why the hang-up with being naked?

So last night I was walking from the shower to the bedroom when I remembered that my cell was still in the living room so I turned around to go get my phone when my girlfriend asks "Where You goin'?" so I told her to grab my phone from the living room. She gasps, put a robe on or something someone may see you!

Now I really could give two shyts if someone sees me naked, seriously what do I care if someone gets a peek. Now This isn't to say that I am an exhibitionist, its not like I purposely try to get people to watch me naked, nor do I go outside naked. I am talking about walking around in my own house in what ever state of dress or undress I desire.

I vote for a naked day where ya don't get dressed all day, ya also don't leave the house all day but I would imagine you could find something to keep you entertained.

Who's with me?
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Ok so I changed my mind instead of Naked Day I vote for NEKED DAY! Similar to Naked Day only a whole lot more fun, lol!
Why the hang-up with being naked?
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