My boyfriend seeing someone else a day after we broke up - why does it hurt?

My boyfriend and I broke up last Monday and within 12hrs he was sending pictures and texting another girl... why does it hurt so much? We where together for 4yrs and I know I never want to be with anyone or date anyone for a least a few months to get fully over us... why did he do that its really hurting me? How can you move so quick?


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  • You need time to allow yourself to heal, trying to move on quickly will only push you towards getting into a rebound relationship .And moving on too quickly you will end up bringing all the unnecessary emotion from the previous relationship into the new one. I know it's painful and it may feel like since he moved on so quickly why can't I ? Yet, just cause he did your not like him. Your better then him, and he will realize what he lost.. But you realize you deserve a better guy in your life.

    Sometimes when you try to rush the speed of getting over a hurtful situation you really aren't allowing yourself to get past the anger, the confusion, the pain that lies within your heart. And most importantly you need to gain your strenghth and happiness back.. Just take your time and close that chapter in your life by forgiving him , you'll never forget but having closure in essential for you and for the ability to have a healthy relationship in the future .

    Keep smiling :)

  • It's not important why he did so any longer. Maybe he is just that kind of person who gets out of a relationship easily, or your broke-up hurt him too much so he chose an extreme solution to get rid of sadness, but these are just possibilities.

    The fact is that he is not your boyfriend anymore, so just let go of it. What you could do now is to make yourself live a happy life and maybe turn your attention from focusing on him to some other important things for your own.

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