Opinions on the "ideal date movies"

I'm just wondering what kinds of movies

Date movies are often in romantic comedy genre and most of them are in romantic-comedy... Can we count Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Notebook, Dear John, etc. As part of the one of the ideal date flicks?

But this is non-sequitur, at times since there are couples who like horror films in dates, instead of the romantic dates (At some cases, the "date movie" is Toy Story 3)

So during a date, do you always watch a romantic film? And what's an ideal movie during a date?

I want to hear from you guys, thanks :D


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  • My ideal date flick is whichever movie that's playing that we both would like to see, genre doesn't really matter.

    If a guy took me to see a movie like The Notebook or Dear John, I'd probably want to stab myself in the face. They're horrible movies, and the fact that he was taking me to see them would suggest that he didn't bother to ask what I was into and just assumed that since I'm a girl, I would like stupid romantic movies. (Not to mention that I don't want a guy to feel like he has to take me to a movie that I would enjoy if it's one that he wouldn't.)

    My favorite movie genre is probably sci-fi. I like seeing sci-fi on dates because they can be fun, and sometimes thought-provoking, and can make for good conversation post-movie. It's also something that we're (hopefully) more likely to both enjoy.

    Comedies or "kids" movies (i.e. something like Up or Wall-E) are good because they're light-hearted and generally enjoyable for both people. Action movies are good too, but I'd probably lean toward say, a comic book-based movie over something that's too much about killing and car chases. Something like KickAss or Scott Pilgram vs the World would probably be a good date movie.

    I like drama, but I don't know if I'd want to see a sad movie if I were on a date (especially with someone that I've only recently started dating) because I cry easily at movies and I don't want him to think I'm overly emotional (lol).

    • I gues any kind of movie counts, like Wall-E :D like Kick-Ass :D but the whole content definitely not for the little tykes...

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  • I don't think it's too romantic to watch a movie that is obviously a chick flick, dealing with a love theme. Not very subtle in my opinion. I like the modernization that some movies have brought forth. Such as Love Actually and 300 Days of Summer.

    But anyhow, really watch whatever movie floats your boat. No reason to make it a romantic one. If you both love horror movies or fantasy, why not? Go with the flow.

  • I'd say the ideal date movie is a comedy or a horror movie(girl gets scared, cuddles with you=win).

    • Also movies like Toy Story 3, Despiciable Me, etc work to. I love those kinds of movies and usually everyone else does too.

    • So true!!