How do I turn down a request to "hang out"?

This girl just said "we should hang out soon" on facebook but I really have no desire to. I'm not an asshole but we just came back from a mission trip and we're no more than friends.

The reason why I don't want to hang out with her is because I know she'll try to make us something more than friends but I don't like her personality much, she's clingy and puts her arm around me a lot. It's super awkward. I don't find he attractive either.

How do I turn her down with out making her hate me because she can be a real bitch and make people really dislike me (she talks sh*t about her ex all the time, but I think he's pretty nice). I don't want to hurt her feelings but I know that even an hour with her would be the most awkward feeling ever.

And I know what awkward feels like. I once revealed that my friend was going to break up with her boyfriend right in front of them both, thinking she'd already done it.


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  • Sandyyyy, though those indirect methods MAY work, I would feel as if I am playing with the girls emotions.

    Dude, man up. Sit down and talk with her. You got to be REAL. Say that you have suspecions that she may have feelings for you, and you don't want to go out because you don't want to lead her on. Ask her if she does have feelings. If she said no, even if she's lying. Take it for what it is, appologizes and move on. If she says yes, then explain to her that you don't share those types of feelings and only see her as a friend. Say that you are sorry for the awkwardness, but you care too much of her feelings and you didn't want to send the wrong message. Let her know you can be completly honest.

    If things are arkward, take LEAD and assure her that you understand and you still want to be friends and hang-out.

    Dude, in some situations, you have to suck it up and get down to business. Some times you want to avoid things, but when your dealing with other emotions, especially women's emotions, you have to exit your comfort-zone.

    She may hate you, or talk about you like a dog, or whatever. But you stayed true to yourself, that's what being a man is about.



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  • Ignore her, pretend you're not there. IF she asks you, just say, sorry, I didn't notice your message (no internet, wasn't into fb, w.e excuses hehe :P), or w.e. And, just be like, aww I'm sorry, I was very busy and tired... >.< ha ha It's the most cordial way I can think of :D If she gets too annoying, ask a girl friend to act as your girlfriend (always works for acquaintances) and say, mmm my girlfriend doesn't like me hanging out too much D: Or , if she becomes a pest, say that you'll go, then you don't, if she asks just say, ah sorry, something came up last minute D:

  • Just tell her that you're busy and that maybe some other time. If she ask what you're doing, just ignore her like you never heard her. Or tell her that you just want to be friends and politely ask if she could stop touching you.


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