Should I contact her?

A girl I have been out with sent me an email after our last date saying she was going to be out of town for a few weeks and would be hard to get a hold of. I replied to her have fun and call me when you get back.

Well its been three weeks now with no reply. Should I wait it out another week or send her another email to see how things are going? I don't want to seem too uptight, but I'd reallty like to see her again.


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  • Normally, the advice I give on communication is to do it whenever you feel like it. If people get scared about you contacting them, then they are not worth your time.

    In this case, I agree with drh442. It sounds like she was vague about when she would be back, and she may have done that for reason. Maybe when she gets back she wants to hide out. Not necessarily from you, but just from everything.

    Definitely let her do the contacting on this one. If she does not contact you, then you'll know how she felt and you can move on.

    • After deep thought, I have decided to follow your advice. My problem is I try to use logic in dealing with these situations but girls are rarely logical. I don't why she would blow me off based on what she said and did before the email but oh well. On to the next girl whoever she may be!

  • Wait it out, as tough as it may seem, I wouldn't even contact her again unless she contacts you. I have made that mistake a couple times now, and it just seems to scare them all off gettin to nervous or uptight. and I know a person who was seeing a girl while she was with another guy ( who was a total LOSER! ) and she went on vacation with this loser for like 2 weeks, and my friend said for her to call him when she got back, and he had a hard time not calling her but he didnt. anyway long story short, with him being patient they are married now, and getting along great. hope to be of some help. good luck mate.

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