I feel so low at the moment, boyfriend broke up with me, and I wanted a fling... slept with some1 on holiday, then we were suppose to meet up but he canceled :/ so I feel a little lost... and so lonely!

I don't like being at home anymore, its just so boring and the same thing over and over again...

I don't know what to do and I keep thinking of just driving somewhere and crashing my car... I know its a horrible thought but I just want to be happy and I want some1 to love me :( x


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  • going for a fling/rebound isn't such a great idea for getting over someone. There's better ways to get over them that are better for you (and possibly your future relationship with your former boyfriend if you care about that).

    It's hard, but you'll get through all the pain and you'll be stronger because of it. It's OK for something to get you down and feel hurt, but as long as you make strides over time you'll get better. Look around at all the older people you know and realize that they were once where you were and they made it. They moved on and are happy. Talk to people, hang out with friends, distract yourself. It'll make everything better


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  • eh I don't think you would to meet your maker right yet, because eventually someone will come along and sweep you your feet, keep your chin up and find someone interesting to talk to, perhaps even online

  • At least you have your priorities straight.

    • Excuse me?

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    • Hey honey, I used to feel that way. In retrospect I kinda liked the austerity of it all. So, you will get no pity from me.

    • Okay, I understand x

  • I know how you're feeling, kinda feeling the same...

    Don't worry though, I'm sure someone will find you and you will be happy :)


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