My ex can't decide if we should hang out or not; he says we will see when the time comes. Should I give up?

One minute he was inviting me to hang out, the next, he bails. One day he tells me if I need him to call or text, the next, he says he doesn't know if we are hopeless or not. Another day he says tell him where to be and when to be there and we'll work on our project we were working on. Then, he says, as long as I'm not overbearing, I won't hear him complain about me flirting with him. A little later, I ask him out on a date and he says we will see when the time comes. Then he says he's afraid to lose his freedom. I tell him what I believe freedom is and he says I express my feelings better than he does. Then he says he knows I'm not trying to pressure him but he still feels like if he does or says the wrong thing or doesn't say what I want, then he's doing a bad job. I don't get it. Should I give up, or hold out for him? My heart says stand by and try... his heart just keeps telling me it doesn't know.


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  • if his heart swings more than one way, that's a good hint to cut your losses


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