What was your best first date experience?

I guess the question describes my detail's of my question. It would be a great thing to hear, and if anything what was your worst experience?


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  • best 1st date experience: we went rock climbing! :)

    worst experience: I don't know if this counts as a date but oh well. me and this guy liked each other a lot and he was my date to junior prom.. by the end of the night he hooked up with a friend of mine. haven't talked to either of them since then and that was the end of any kind of relationship I had with both of them.

  • A boy and I were getting close speaking non stop on the phone etc. He asked me to go out several times and I constantly said no as I was too shy! I spoke about how amazing he was to my friends non stop - they got so fed up with it haha. Then one day he text me + asked how I was and if I was up to much that night.. here's me thinking he was doing it for conversation, but I guess I got that one wrong as later that night he knocked on my door, and told me he was taking me for a meal and to the cinemas. I was over the moon that he actually had the guts to do that, he told me it was part of my friends idea as well, it was lovely to think my friends would do that too. He took me to a fancy restaurant and would not let me pay for any of it. At the end of the night he drove me home and we kissed. That was a year and about 8 months ago and I am glad to say that we have been together since. Yay :D


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