When a woman intimidates you, how do you usually respond to it?

I'm talking about the type of woman who bewilders you, you haven't even spoken to her yet and she's already driving you nuts, she's very attractive, you can also pin-point that she's not a typical stupid-ass random girl you'd get anywhere..

For example I'm only 19 in September, though guys my age don't even come near me anymore.. I usually find myself with 24-31 year-old-men, guys with more self-confidence. But men often do tell me they feel f***ing intimidated by me. Which is stupid because I almost never make the 1st move, due to the few times I have done it, it felt wrong & I lost interest straight-away :D


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  • I probably wouldn't be able to approach you at all. If a girl has that much going for her I feel like I wouldn't really be able to bring anything to the table. Not to mention I'd instantly assume that you had an army of guys trying to date you. You basically seem completely unattainable, not to imply that you intended for it to be that way or that success is a bad thing.

    • I'm sorry some women make you feel that way :( .. You seem so adorable though- don't worry about that jackass who downed your comment, it's probably a guy/girl I turned down and the same one that rated my Q one star! lol

      I'm voting your answer best answer.. & just remember, if an intimidating woman intimidates you, just catch her eye & smile :) , you never know ..

    • Ha, thanks. I'll try to keep that in mind :P

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  • Girls don't intimidate me. Guys don't either, for that matter. In fact, the only people who intimidate me are those with guns, or large people who could clearly kick my ass and are being aggressive about it.

    I don't care what people think about me, which I find helpful. they either like me or not. There are 1.5 billion Chinese who don't know I exist - one person more or less with an opinion doesn't matter one whit.

    So basically, I can't give you advice on this. When I was dating, I saw a pretty girl and introduced myself. She responded one way or another. If she shot me down, I turned 30 degrees to the left, saw another girl and moved on. Because, unlike a lot of people, I find that girls are actually about 50% of the world population, which is one hell of a fishing hole.

    So if guy is intimidated by you, don't worry about it; find one who isn't. And, yes, the younger ones probably are... but it usually takes a good 20 years or so for testicles to actually drop.

  • If I find myself in a position where a girl is intimidating or otherwise bothering me, I'll just try to acknowledge her issues and carry on with whatever I was doing. It's just a pain to deal with human conflict; my approach is always mitigation, unless there is some more serious transgression taking place. Then I'll bring out the tactical nukes and start laying petty egos to waste.

    • Oh really? And how often does this happen? Since you interact with so many people, and women, on a daily basis.

    • Mom? Is that you?

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  • omg don't feel bad about that. if a guy is intimidated by you, he's just not ready for you and can't handle you. that doesn't mean he's a bad person or you're bad, he just isn't as confident around you. guys are less intimidated by girls that they feel like they can easily impress or run game on. go for guys that are more self confident

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