Boys this one is for you! my ex is already dating!

me and my ex of 2 and half years just broke up about 2 going on 3 months... I just found out he's dating this other girl ( and I know her casually) she the type that get with EVERYONE'S sloppy seconds! Well she just broke up with her boyfriend last week that she had for a REALLY long time! Like 3 yrs... and now I am hearing that they have jumped on the "love boat" together and this and that! What the hell!? REALLY? when me and my ex were talking about getting married and everything. We broke up over one fight and he knew I wanted to work it out but he said because I moved out it made him doubt everything we had...does this sound like a classic rebound and he might be comparing me to her ...i guess I am just really p*ssed and about to give up forever and good on him! What the heck?!?


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  • I always wonder why this bothers girls so much. So he moved on... he clearly wasn't that into you. Is that what hurts your feelings? Do you think you're sooooooooooooooo good that he shouldn't move on? Or sit around for a year mourning his loss? And, really, would you be satisfied with a guy who thought so little of you? Is your self-esteem so low that a guy who doesn't care about you is better than none?


    Then, yes, it sucks to be deceived and to think that there was more. But there wasn't. Do what he did: move on.


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  • you literally couldve wirtinn my current situation girl, I was living with my ex for 6 months cause we were dating for 5 years.he said he couldn't live iwht me anymore and that he needs a break which eventually turned into a breakup.he now already has a new girl..shes a homie hopper too! REBOUNDS NEVER WORK..

    i guess what imt saying is out of sight out of mind. do your thing,.BELIEVE ME I KNOW ITS HARD. we just broke up at the end of june after our anniversary.and ti still stings.BUT MOVE ON llike me. they jst don't value us anymore.

    the best advice given to me was to do the exact opposite my heart is telling me to do. if they REALLY did love you then they REALLY can't live without you,give his immature butt some time.

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