Okay...what is his deal....

We met 3 weeks ago and I didn't really like him at first.He didn't seem like something I really wanted.and he wanted to start dating then.but I wasn't sure I wasn't to hang out more and he said that was fine.then after we hung out a couple more times I started to like him.So we were talking and I told him how I felt about him and that I would be fine with dating.and he said he wanted to think about some things and I said okay.his ex girlfriend really hurt him and I'm worried that he thinks I'm gonna do the same as her and I've told him over and over I'm not.and she was really mean to him and I'm not sure if he knows how to take me being sweet and nice and wanting to be around him.b/c from what I've heard if he wanted to see her and she didn't wanna see him he wasn't allowed to go over to her house.and I like attention and like being with him.so I'm not sure what to do.I mean we act like we're dating and everything.He's kissed me and we spend time with each other almost everyday.I just hope he's not playing games waiting on the next best thing to come along.


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  • Did they break up, recently? Or has it been awhile?

    Maybe when he asked you to date him at first, he said it out of loneliness, and then after time, he realized things.

    He could've realized he's not ready to be in a relationship yet.

    Or after getting to know you more, he is not so into you as like before.

    Or he likes the relationship you two share right now, and just wants to leave things as is. Because right now he is like, single sometimes, but when he's lonely and wants company, he has you.

    I doubt he is playing games with you.

    From what it sounds like, he is just scared to trust someone again. Give it time.

    You can continue what you are doing, or show him where you want to stand in his life.