Times of calls and texts?

If your with a girlfriend/dating a girl or a guy what time is it acceptable to text them first and what time is it acceptable to not text back...

i will give an example to show what I mean.

Say my boyfriend texts me first at 4pm and say I text him back straight away but he doesn't reply till like 11pm is that *acceptable*

what are everybody's thoughts about texting ?

i mean it takes 10 seconds to send a text :(


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  • I have a few rules I follow but that's just me; my boyfriend doesn't understand it. I stop sending the first text after ten thirty and I stop responding to the first text after eleven thirty. To me, the first text is the first text within more than four hours.

    As in all situations, there are exceptions, such as importance and who it is. A few minutes won't make that much of a difference either.

    So in your example, I would've responded. But if, say, I send my boyfriend a text around ten and he doesn't respond until about two in the morning, I would not answer.

    I agree with you about responding right away. I mean it doesn't take too long so don't wait hours if you can send a text right away. It's stupid.

    Anyway if my rule doesn't make sense or needs clarify give me another example.

    • Thanks for a reply :) I like to think I have my little rules also , I just don't know if I'm being to stubborn not texting back :/

      And then there's the whole if your thinking about someone then they should be on your mind thing :s I over analyse everything lol

    • Oh I understand. I over analyze EVERYTHING...its a bit insane. He shouldve let you know if he couldn't continue texting but I mean he texted first so I don't know what to tell you. I don't think you did anything wrong. If anyone did something wrong it was him. My boyfriend works a lot (but it's not a strict schedule so I never know when he's working) so sometimes he doesn't respond until late and I feel bad for being so stubborn and not texting back. :'(

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  • well if it your boyfriend/girlfriend you should text them back as soon as possable I mean it only the right thing to do .if something hapens your phone dies and your out or you don t hear or feel the massage or you get distracted talkin someone I mean those things are exceptable if that happens I normally just say oh sorry didn t really this happened and then all good but like 7 hours with out a reason that bit much

    well that's wht I thinks :D

    • Hmm thanks for your opinion :) Its just waht to do about it now ha!

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    • Ok cool yehh I know wht you mean I like she wht other people thinks :D hope works out how you want it :D x

    • Thankyou :) we will see lol x

  • Within 5 minutes I would say is acceptable. Unless they're actually doing something or with friends then I would say around 30 minutes to an hour max. 7 hours is bullsh*t. For me though I usually text back right away. I don't do any dumbass texting rules or anything.

    • You see this is why its getting me to ask it on here :s cause I keep thinking it takes like 10 conds to send a text. But then I don't know whether I'm being silly with my not texting back thing :/ Its now 1.38 and he still hasn't texted back again gets annoying.

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    • Lol thanks, I think I could be the most beautiful girl in the world and he still wouldn't reply atm though :s I don't know what's going on. I wanna text him but don't wanna be needy :S

    • I guess you just gotta put up with that then. Does show much care if he barely talks to you.

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