I texted this girl yesterday evening after she gave me her number on FB chat last week. What's an acceptable reply time?

So this girl and myself met in a history class this summer. During the last week (5 wk class), I introduced myself, friended her a day or two later. After the last class, I chatted with her that evening and on several other occasions over a 2 week period and got her # during the last convo (Also, would a girl give a # if she is genuinely not interested?) I waited a week and a half and sent her a text yesterday evening (about 7:45pm, she's the type who clings to her phone) , it had some flirty message with it, let her know about my plans to go to a concert and told her to enjoy the rest of her summer. Well I didn't receive a text back, and I even saw her on FB chat later that evening. At what point should I assume that she's not interested? Hours, days?


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  • It really depends on the dynamic you have with her. No one can really judge except you. I would say grab your nut sack and shoot a few more texts to see how she reacts. Mentally prepare yourself to be rejected.

    Think of this: Girls probably text 10x as many times as men do. They text and get texts from everyone, mother, sister, friends and many different men who are either friends or potential suitors. You need to realize that she either A. Isn't that interested and just likes the attention. B. Is really interested but extremely intimidated. or C. She got your text but was in the middle of like 6 other text conversations so it may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

    My suggestion is don't make things awkward. Whatever you do DO NOT ASK WHY SHE DIDNT TEXT BACK or get all pouty about it. Just play it cool and keep it friendly.

    My strategy is this: Get as many numbers as possible and make as many friends as you can. Then you won't be worried about not getting one text back.


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  • Anything could be the reason!

    If she doesn't reply in 2 days.

    send her her a message on FB.

    Saying something like- Hey just wondering if you got my text, because my Mobile has been playing up! x

    I think she might be playing hard to get & we know you guys love it!

    If she doesn't respond to your message, after another day. Assume she's not interested, and text other nice girls.

    Hope this helps <3

  • ps: Why don't you rather call her? ... Distance is NOT a factor in ignoring someon.. I've been thousands of miles away from what you'd define as boyfriend, & after over a year one of my boyfriends in Lebanon who's 29), still contacts me, e-mail, calls, facebooks, & I reply. As for my other flings, I take my time, regardless of the kilometers seperating us.. :D


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  • Btw, why don't you wait for us to offer exchanging numbers? It puts on so much pressure when you ask.. Why not just leave it to the memory of the person instead of taking maximum advantage of technology? EVER THOUGHT OF THAT?.. I thought not :p

    • Probably because I am the only one who fully understands the dynamics of the situation (i.e. she now is at an internship after school ended 4 hrs away, she's in a sorority and has other responsibilities within it, she's goes to a different but nearby college), therefore, I must make the appropriate assessment. Sometimes, showing initiative is the right thing to do.

    • The patronizing attitude is unnecessary and does not fit the supportive environment promoted by this site. Don't be a troll.

    • So you want me to keep the argument running :p.. Ok. The one fitting troll requirements on this post is the one posting anonymous. I find you have such a one-sided view on your situation, I'm just here to open horizons to your Q.. Just let it go, we all have flaws.. & if you can't handle women in your 20ies, we become worse with age.. :D

  • Lol. Is she playing hard to get? No. She's NOT into you. I often meet guys who WANT my number because they know if I take theirs I won't contact them, lol. I've given my number just so they could shut up. LOL. God I can be a bitch sometimes though

    • But why not just end it right there? Just say you're not interested and leave it at that. Save him and yourself time.

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    • I didn't date in hs and college because I realized that girls (and guys) were too shallow, needed time to mature in our society . I thought by 21/22 years old, we had matured enough--I was wrong. I pride myself for exercising this discipline/discretion all those yrs. She is pretty, athletic, and had brains/acad. compet---all traits I value in order to keep up with. I guess I'll have to wait another 10 years until our generation is able to advance beyond these childish "games/rituals".

    • You got me wrong. I have extremely high standards that's all..

      Imagine, I'm at a party, a cute guy comes by, yada yada, we chat a bit.. He feels chemistry but I've had better..Then he wants my #.. & because I thought he was initially cute & I don't want to be nasty, though I know he seeks more than friendship, I give him my # so his ego can be stroked..IF HE WAS OVER CONFIDENT THOUGH, I WOULD TELL HIM STRAIGHT AWAY TO F*** OFF. Just because I can.

  • 3 days the standard


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