I need a guys opinion on my first date

I went on my first date with this guy that I happen to be semi friends with.we've talked a little and hung out and then he asked me to see a movie. He was a real gentlemen throughout it all paying for the tickets popcorn and such. He even invited me to get a little snack after the movie was done. When we arrived at my house he walked me to the door and gave me a hug and said to take it easy as I said goodbye and thank you for the nice time he had shown me. Its been about half a day since the date and we haven't spoken yet so of course I am contemplating how it went. He's a great guy and I he was feeling it but I don't know if it was a bad sign that he didn't try to kiss me or say hey lets hang again type deal.what does that mean? I wanna talk to him later tonight should I perhaps ask to hang out again.guys what do you think?


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  • 1. He may not feel comfortable kissing on the first date (or think that you may not).

    2. He may have felt so nervous about not kissing you that he could not put to words what he wanted or how he felt about you.

    Trust me, it's not easy to be a guy and read that sort of situation. Too forward and we seem like we're pigs. Not forward enough and women think we have no interest in them. Not all of us (myself included) can read every situation 100% correct all of the time.

    I wouldn't read too much into it. If he asks you out again, might I suggest that you hint a little stronger that kissing is okay? Also trying to make him feel completely comfortable with you will help tons when it comes to that sort of thing.

    Don't think I've been much of a help, but that would be my reasoning if I was acting like this lucky fellow. Good luck!

  • maybe he doesn't have the courage to go in for a kiss etc, to create that sexual tension. don't analyze it, give him a day or 2 that's it, you'll know by then. if he doesn't call etc after that, or if you call in that time and he is really aloof, don't get your hopes up girl


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