Guys, why do you say you will call when you don't? Need advice. Do you think he still might call?

I met this guy online though an online dating site. We exchanged short emails and then exchanged phone numbers. He text me first and said he was going to call me tonight. But he did not wind up calling until a few days later. He called me and then he called again the next day as well. I called him the following day and been talking to him on the phone at least once a week for almost a month before we met for the first time for lunch. During that time I would also text him and he would text me right back. He happen to be coming by me so I asked him if he wanted to met for coffee. He said, Sure. He text me during his workshop/meeting about changing that to lunch and I went to meet him. He hugged me and said thank you for meeting me and we went in and had lunch. We talked the whole time during lunch and the conversation was going very well. I was very attracted to him as well. We sat in the restaurant and talked for about 2 hours. He asked what I was doing after and I said I was not sure but I might go do this but no really plans. He said what he was doing and we hug again and to me it seemed like he wanted to kiss and I wanted to but didn't. We just hugged and as he walked away he said that he might give me a call tonight. Once I got home I tented him and said Thank you for lunch. I had a wonderful time and I hope we can do it again sometime soon. He tented be back saying ty, me to. And then I sent him a smiley face. Well, he never called that night or since. I thought the date went really well. Was I that wrong about how I felt the date went? Well, I normally text him good morning almost everyday so the next day I said good morning and then later How are you? He never responded which is not too unusual during the weekend. Well I decided that I would just call to tell him to thank him again and to tell him that I had a good time,etc. Well, for the first time I called him and he did not pick up and I got the automatic voice mail. I left a message saying what I wrote before and that I also wanted to see how the rest of the his weekend was and to give me a call back and I might be out for a few hours but you can leave a message and I will call you back. Well, he has not called me back. It is almost a week. Why would he say that he will call and doesn't? Why not text me and say sorry it will not work out, etc.? What do you think? I especially would love to hear from the guys on this one. Should I give up on him? Or do your think he might just still call? How long do you wait to call a girl back or hear from a guy? Was it so wrong that I called him? I did the most of the calling during the past month but he always seemed like he wanted to talk. Was I wrong in doing that? I hate all this games, why do guys play games like this. If you like me say so if not then say so. What would of been the harm of sending a text in that affect or that he is not sure, etc. Thank you in advance for the advice.


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  • Well...sounds to me like you scared him away. FIrst you text him, then call him a couple hours later. Not a good sign to a guy. Also he may not want a second date with you, but didn't want to say anything like that to you. If a guy hasn't called within a week and you only had a first date, let him go. If a relationship is mostly one sided, no good. ANd if a guy wants to talk to you, or ask you on a date, he will call you. He obviously knows your number. It is okay to follow up once and say thank you for the nice time, but don't get too clingy. One more note...guy are not good at returning phone calls.

    I don't believe that this guy is playing games. He is answering you to be nice. Please don't expect a guy to tell you he likes you after the first date. You do not even know each other. Love at first site is very rare. So calm did your part and let him contact you. But please do not sit and wait for him.