What would be a good first date?

movies, dinner, or is opened for a suggestion. This would be my first date, so I am extremely nervous.. its kinda like a blind date, cause I don't really know him, we are being setup. so hope it all goes well!

well you see, he did actually offer those suggestions..so now I have to pick and choose, sorry I didn't clear that up. there's this local event going on tomorrow night, maybe I'll see if he'd rather do that, although I am not sure if its boring choice
its called water/fire and its basically.. water canal, and there's these floaty things in the water..with basically fire, there's also a mall and such right there...so maybe I'll suggest that


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  • i would just cook dinner and drink some wine and go for a walk and get some dessert somwhere but I like to do things simple that just how I am


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  • Well first off, not to be old fashion, but usually the guy makes the plans. I only bring this up because he may already have something in mind, so I wouldn't plan something completely out (especially if you need to make reservations or something).

    If you don't really know each other I would suggest grabbing some coffee. It is a light atmosphere, and if you aren't really hitting it off, then you can end the evening pretty early. If things are going well, you can suggest dinner, that will extend the evening.

    I hate when guys try to do the movie thing on me for a date. There is no way to get to know someone if you are sitting quietly in the dark with you attention on something else. I would avoid that. If you want to do something other than food you can go bowling or play tennis.

    If you live in a big city, walking around downtown can be nice. You can find a coffee shop or restaurant during your walk.

    Good luck!

    • Perfect answer!! Starting with something light is comfortable. It makes talking so much easier.

      The whole movie thing is out for exactly the reason stated above.

      If the area you live in has resturaunts with an outdoor patio, or tables on the sidewalk, dessert or coffee and casual convo while people watching can be fun, and it makes the atmoshpere so much more relaxed.