Sleep kissing?

my guy and I went on a trip and I fell asleep in the car. when I was dozing off, I could feel him kissing my forhead, nose, etc. but when I was like..half asleep, I could feel him kissing my lips as if I were kissing back. it wasn't just a little peck, but my mouth was closed. I thought it was very sweet:)

what are some reasons as to why he'd do this?

has anyone done something similar to it?

what do you think he was trying to do? just be nice or something?

I think it's my new favorite thing:)


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  • Replace 'kiss' with 'sex' and you could call it rape.

    Just sayin'.


What Girls Said 1

  • There could be a lot of reasons. For example, 1. He thought your guard was down, and went for an easy kill. 2. He has feelings for you. 3. He treasures you, that's why he kissed your nose, forehead, and etc. 'Cos he likes you, and treasures you. 3. He's probably fooling around, but I doubt that.

    & wait, just wondering, does he know you know? Or were you still "asleep" ?

    I haven't done anything near that, but I have had that done to me, but not to that extreme. Like, I wasn't sleep, just caught off guard.

    • Yea, he knows me. we have been dating for about 2 years:)

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