Just got out of a pretty long fling

ok so I got out of a pretty long "fling" I guess you can call it that since we were not official but we did act like we were together and it was a exclusive relashionship but that ended not so good (he ditched me for his ex girlfriend), this happened about 2 months ago and I'm still pretty bitter about the whole thing. I was really hurt but I've slowly gotten over it. so the thing is I'm trying to move on and find someone else. since that happened iv talkedd to guys and kissed other guys but every time I do that I unconciously compare him to the other guy and it ruins everything and it makes me miss the other guy more and makes me feel pretty depressed. another problem is that every guy that I find attractive or w/e seems to be talking to someone or with someone. its like there are no single guys around.

...any advice?


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  • hmmm...

    well then, get over the first guy. lol it's nor fair to the other guys taht you're comparing them to him. It just shwos that you still think of him and have feelings for him. Get over him, and then put yourself back on the market.

    When you're looking for guys, its better to start off just being friends. This way you don't run into the problem of wanting them and then finding out they're taken. (it helps not to pick a guy based off on looks, just choose the ones that are nice, single, and then look at if they're cute or not.) Don't get into the mentality of choosing a guy based on how they look. That's just a recipe for disaster. I would just become friends with guys and then as your relationship develops, choose the ones you click with more. At that point you can look at their looks, AFTER you're friends with them. :)

    • Ok so yea I'm defenitely working on getting over the guy and I'm doing everything I can do so (not having any contact with him, and avoiding seeing and talking to him as much as possible)

      so OK friends first, should I still be friends and get to know them even if their talking to someone or with someone? or just do that with single guys and see where it goins from there? lol your really helping :)

    • I mean if they're talking to someone its OK I guess since they'r enot in a relationship. you definately don't wanna start hitting on guys that already have boyfriends lol you can be friends with them for sure, just don't think you can go with them (they're taken!). Single guys are probably the best bet for relationships :)

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  • my advice would be to first off, calm down, and get over this guy you've had a fling with. next, do you just want to hook up or what? if you just want to hook up, then it shouldn't be a suprise that hose guys are talking to other girls or are with other girls. If you want a relationship, then maybe you should calm down adn just try to get a guy you actually like personality-wise. I can't really help you because you're not really being clear with what you want, some more info would help.

    • Sorry >_<

      ok I'm still getting over the other guy and iv had my share of hook ups and I want somehwat of a relashionship. but like I said everyguy that I'm attracted to or w/e are attracted to me but its like they are all already talking to someone or in a relashionship and lol that just makes me feel a little depressed.

  • holy sh*t! You are the female version of me. :)

    • Lol then you should know it completely sucks!

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    • Lol yea ill probably do the same haha

    • Great so we are both insane then. haha

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