Is his respect gone?

even though we broke up a month ago...we dated for almost 2 years... I got into a really bad car accident ...and he had to hear about it ...but not even a call or a text or a letter on facebook... is there no respect left for me? ., because if that was him I don't care if he answered or not id call or sent a message making sure he is ok...very confused?


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  • Miss,

    It is hard to assume anything with regards to the information given.

    Nobody would lose respect for anyone - only if there is reason such as betrayal.

    Personally I would feel worried, a car accident is not a matter to be taken lightly especially when lives are involved. It could be just him having a problem. I highly doubt it is you who caused any of this.

    To better solve this, I suggest sending him a few more messages. If he fails to respond, he fails to be a real man.

    Please take care,

    • He was the one who left me because he wasn't happy but claimed he still loved me and all that good jazz... and your right I can't assume but I have his whole family on my facebook ..and his coworkers... so that makes me kinda know.... were not on talking terms... he hasn't tried to talk and I'm done talking because I've seen him out with other girls in a bar I go to and he doesnt... I just thought that was disrespectful... that's y I don't know if he respects me nrmore

  • Unlikely that he doesn't respect you. A few months after I got dumped by my ex she got into a pretty bad car accident but I didn't contact her or anything. I didn't know if that would ruin her recovery and her new relationship and I thought she might get mad at me. I sh*t you not I'm trying desparately hard not to contact her. I care about her SOOO much!

    • I would feel more comfortable knowing that our relationship wasn't a waste and say are you OK .... and if you care about her so much why would you not talk to her..?? you sound like my ex because I think that's excatly what he is doing and its sad.... if you care then show it ...!!! I didn't wanna break up he did.. so on my end it would help... but I think it may be to late now

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    • Im sorry I miss read it ... I'm sorry that happened I know someone in your postion and its hard.. my ex left me for noone but himself... but I don't trust him because he always has a girlfriend ... and it scares me because I don't want him too

    • Its OK :) I'm sorry about what happened to you too!!!

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