Between a rock and a hard place.

Okay so basically I started a question earlier about having fooled around with a good female friend.

Well last night her relationship status changed to being in a relationship with one of my best mates and it felt like a cargo train had smashed right into my chest.

We had fooled around at a party recently and she had broke up with her last boyfriend a week or two before that.

That night felt natural and I didn't regret it but now I regret ever having any feelings because it feels like a lose-lose situation. I'm choosing the watch-them-have-a-relationship option but I still like her so I don't know might end up hardly speaking to my mate either.

The other option is to tell her how I've felt all along, and that until that night I had tried to ignore my feelings, pursue her but then I'd be sticking a knife in my mates back.

She had a boyfriend before but I didn't know the guy and made sure I didn;t get to know or like him. Even though I don't have that liberty with my current mate I guess the logic is still sound...she is in a relationship...nothing can happen.

It's not the first time I've felt completely sh*t over a girl but it's not pleasant at all.
Oh right, the question... How do I stop feeling like I've been royally screwed over?

How do I get over this and just move on...


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  • To me it sounds like this girl is just getting with you when it suits her and then she moves onto her next victim and then when she is fed with them back to you.

    No wonder you feel like sh*t,when you think you want to be with that someone special then they sh*t on you.

    You sound like a nice,genuine guy and I'm sure there are plenty of women out there who would love to have the chance to be you.

    I recently had this with one of my close friends and he was seeing this girl on and off for a year. Every time she was single she came to him with her problems and ended up having sex giving him the completely wrong impression. Then the next day he see`s her with a different guy and she acts like normal. He now has got the strength to basically tell her to f*** off and stop using him whenever she feels like it. I know its hard but really it will get easier and then you will start noticing other girls and you will get back in to the swing of it all.Hope it goes okay mate.

    Good luck

    • Ta muchly, it was nice to hear of a similar story and some nice words of support, even from a stranger lol. It's not characteristic of me to give a toss about a girl who doesn't like me back (I'm big on you know, mutual attraction and all that) but sometimes it creeps up on folk I guess. It isn't the first time I've liked someone wrong for me but this time hit me harder than I expected, auch well, that's life, heh.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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  • It sounds to me like this is just the person she is and will probably always be, that knowledge should be enough for you to move on, Her loss.

    • That seems like a good observation. Makes allot of sense to. Thanks. :)

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