Are there any reasons why wouldn't guy want to send messages to girl which he hang out with?

We went out tree times.

Every time we had a great time. And there are really a lot of signs which show that he likes me. I will not list them because story will be too long, but believe me there are a lot of them.

So.. In the end of our second date we hugged and he gave me a kiss quite close to the mouth. In the end of our third date he repeated this then I gave him a kiss on his lips and he gave me kiss back.

So this happen 2 days ago. And since then I haven't received any messages from him, which I think is weird, because if he likes me why he don't show me that he is thinking about me or something?

Well, we started flirting few mounts ago, he always write message back to me but he barely start to chat.

This were totally different in school when he always stopped me and we talk. But now are vacations and we can't see each other every day.

Well this guy is very shy, I needed a lot of time to come close to him and I maybe I believe he is to lazy to send something to girl who with who is just friend... But now there is something more between us and he still plays this game ?

And if the reason is still his shyness now he really hasn't got any causes to be scare about. I mean, we kissed! I think is clear that I'll not rejected him or something!

I don't know, I can't always start a conversation because I started to feel annoying. :/

I'll be glad if you answer.


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  • I agree the reason is not shyness. It could be that he is busy with his friends. Guys sometimes get into the fun mode and keep planning and doing things for days with other guys. Football, video games beach etc...

    Two days is not a big deal... give I more couple of days... then call him and tell him that you were thinking of going to a party with friends and wanted him with you . ( Or any excuse that you too go out togeather with other people) . If he will agree then that is fine... when you meet him , joke around and smile and ask him where his mind was the past days ( with a smile) . If he says that he can't come then ask him why and ask him if he has something that is keeping him busy ?

    If he says no he can't come to the party then go yourself there . Don't sit at home if he doesn't want to go . Because you show him that if he isn't serious about you .. may be you will meet other people who can be serious!

    When you go out.. don't flirt with other boys or anything... it is just that you go out and live year life will make him think that you CAN find someone else if he is not serious. People love to be around people who are happy and have life going for them... if he knows that you are going to sit at home all the time thinking about him.. he will not care much to make effort... if he knows that you still care for him but at the same time you are not willing to let year life stop because he is not contacting you then he will think things over and start to think more serious about you .

    As I said .. I don't think 2 days is a big deal. And I don't think it is a problem if you contact him.. it is a problam if you are always contacting him without him contacting you . If this is the case you must ask him why doesn't he do that ?

    • Thanks!

      But situation is like he is on the seaside for one week or more since yesterday so it'll be stupid to invite him enywhere. And he also know that I am a lot of out going person and I'm not sitting at home and waiting for anybody. And were we were out last time I mention that he almost never send me a text message on hisself and his answer was: "but, I always write you back, right?" and somerhing like "i haven't gor any reason for not sending you back" so I didn't pessing on him anymore.

    • I agree with the above poster. Also some people just font send conversational texts. I know I use texting only for figuring out where people are partying at and organizing stuff. If I want to chat with someone I do it in person or online. If in a few days he doesn't text you you could text him something random. A joke or ask for a opinion on something. See if he tries to maintain the conversation and if he does what he talks about. Also keep droping hints that you are interested.

    • Some people don't do texting as much. But if I was madly in love with someone I will text her or call her. May be you can stop contacting him and see if he is acting different towards you or if he would call you or text you himself. Make him curious. If he gets upset or smething just tell him that you were busy and that you wouldn't not answer him if he had contacted you ( same as he is saying to you ) .

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  • True shyness is very different than playing games.

    If he seems comfortable being physically intimate with you, it is doubtful that he would be so shy that he is actually afraid to message you.

    There are other possibilities...

    One is that he may not like messaging. If he does like you, he may have a hard time talking to you when you're not around, because the messaging reminds him of you but you're not physically there. And messaging can be the least personal form of communication, since you don't even get to hear the other person. Try asking him to call you instead.

    He may also not know what to say. Some guys are at a loss for words with this kind of stuff. If it is caused by his shyness, it might be that he is afraid to come off as dull when he messages you. He may think he has to try too hard to be witty or poetic or something else. Messaging can be more agonizing that real communication, because you have more time to worry about what you'll say.

    Finally, it may be just a game as mentioned in the beginning, but this is very different from shyness. He may be acting this way because he thinks it will increase your interest in him.

  • I don't think he's being shy, I think he may just be genuinely busy with other things, especially if he's on vacation. Two days is nothing to worry about. In fact, he may even just be misguidedly following the "two day rule" and waiting a couple days to text you, but my best bet is that he's just busy. Give it a couple more days. If he doesn't text you within a couple days, just send him a text that says something like "Having fun at the beach?" or "I hope your vacation is going well!", which, personally, I think would show him that you're thinking of him in a non-"why haven't you texted me?" way. He'll probably appreciate hearing from you.

    Hope I helped :)

  • Well, the best thing you can do is making your feelings for the person clear to them so they understand where you're coming from. Maybe he just got out of a relationship and needs some time, maybe not. But as long as he knows where you stand, that's really all about you can do. I know the feeling of "wanting" more from someone, but kicker is, sometimes you just have to wait.

  • Maybe he doesn't like to text or some other reason, if a guy is into you he will contact you, make time for you spend time with you etc, he could be busy, family, school or work etc


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