How to start a kiss, or how to make out?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a month or two, we kissed once, but that is because we are 16 and it is kind of hard to get alone, my parents are over protective and so are hers, what I'm asking is how do I kiss her, The other day we were watching a movie and she cuddled up with me, but this was at her house, and then her parents walked in, should we go to the movies, or the park, and how do I make out?


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  • I'm counting down until I get to college (33 days!) and I don't have to worry about the parents catching me doing anything. my ex and I went to bad movies intentionally and didn't watch the movie. The park is a little more public, everyone can see you and honestly no one really wants to see a full blown makeout session. wherever you can find a private place with the right mood is great. As for theory, we all need to figure out what works for us individually, I can't give you those answers. I can help you initiate. 2 universal hotspots on a girl are the neck and the ear. kissing the neck will get her ready, really quickly. Gently grabbing her ear and caressing the back of it is also pretty good. going in for the actual kiss, try something called the C shape, gently move your hand from the top of her hairline like your moving a lock of hair to the side of her face and then proceed in a C shape down her face to her chin, cupping at and then go for the kiss. A genius at this would combine what I said about the ear and the C shape and go behind her ear with it as you go down. Or you could do the Lifeson patented G shape which is the same as the C shape except I gently move across her upper lip with my thumb and bring it down, teasing her a bit. always remember with any of these moves its best to go slow and steady with a gentle touch for 2 reasons, one, not to hurt her and two, Make her not just want but need to kiss you.

  • Welcome to my world. I like to go out a lot anyway, so they're less overprotective. I suppose I'm trusted a little more because I'm an adult, but my mom can be really overprotective at times.

    Luckily, my second girlfriend had moved out on her own by the time we started dating. We'd do that in the car at night.

    You're in a tougher spot because you still are living with parents. By the time I got a girlfriend, I had an apartment. When I moved back home with the second girlfriend it was more difficult, but we'd go out at night a lot, and just makeout in the car.

    I've made out in movie theaters, but not too loudly.

    If your parents always insist on going with you, then you've got to talk to them about it. "You're 16, and you've got to start being a little more independent." Don't be nasty, don't accuse them of ruining your dating life, but just be honest with them about it (not that you tell them "you want to make out with chicks so you need your privacy.")

    Find places to sneak kissing. You'll have to be creative, but discreet about it.

    • No its not like that at all, they let us go out, but around here it is kind of hard to find a place, I see what you are saying though, but I can't drive and she can't drive we are only 16, so whatever we do it is either the bud, trolley, or have my mom drive us! thanks for the help!