Guys, by what age do you want to stop playing around?

By what age do guys usually want to stop playing around with different girls and have a stable girlfriend?

I know guys in their early 20s who think it's just stupid to not play around with different girls, which is somehow understandable because they are young. By stop playing around I don't mean getting married or totally cutting off your nightlife, but to go exclusive with this one girl and have a long-term relationship.


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  • when I meet the right one


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  • Definitely agreed with Gregs.

    I'm 19, in a party college, and don't really care about sleeping/dating around. If I find the right one tomorrow, then I'd be ecstatic to "stop playing around" and actually stay in a long term relationship. If I never succeed in finding the right one, then I'll stay single forever.

  • Never...


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